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I am a technical project manager and a certified professional scrum master. I have enjoyed working in Computing since 1985 and have managed projects, large and small, since 1993. I will try to blog about some of the more salient



I develop applications not just at work but also in my spare time. I develop applications in a number of languages (Java, Visual C# and Basic) using a number of architectures (Windows client-server and stand alone, enterprise web based). My



In July 2014 I started investing in the stock market. This all started when one day my son Sam asked me about buying and selling shares and would I help him with his thought process and analysis. So we sat

Current Projects

RK Analysis

RK Analysis

In July 2014 I started investing and to assist my investment decisions I started to develop an application. The objective of the application is to analyse company financial information in order to determine a fair value for the company and

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Building plan management

Building plan management

I have worked at the European Parliament since 2007 and have worked almost exclusively leading a team of developers, designing and developing software for the Logistics Division. The software we develop handles the building floor plans for the whole of

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When in 2006 Robert decided to leave Sfeir to join Intrasoft, I decided to follow him in order to learn more from his skills and experience. During the 3 projects where we have worked together, I have been able to appreciate the wide ranging qualities that he has. He is an excellent project manager through his humanity, his pragmatism, his rigourousness and his ability to anticipate. Within his roles as technical project manager he has succeeded in retaining a high level of technical ability as a senior j2ee analyst. Robert is highly motivated and always leads by example. His complete and balanced profile is a key to the success of the projects that he manages.

Michel Neu

Robert is a project manager who plans correctly tasks, manages crisis periods and brings his experience to solve issues when developers cannot resolve them.

Rodrigue Bouleau

I worked closely with Robert when developing a revolutionary fund management trading system. His ability to understand and manage technical delivery of complex business processes was crucial to the success of this business-critical project. His willingness to cut through organisational boundaries and reach out to business users and include them in the process contributed in making this one of the most successful projects I have ever worked on.

Karim Hyatt

Robert is a pro-active consultant who constantly tries to anticipate the client's needs. He uses his strong technical knowledge to provide innovative solutions. He plans & organises himself and his work and is a vital part of my team.

Sébastien Vast

Recent Work

Some of the recent projects that I have worked on.