In July 2014 I started investing and to assist my investment decisions I started to develop an application.

The objective of the application is to analyse company financial information in order to determine a fair value for the company and thus determine if the company is underpriced by the Stock Market. Bearing in mind price is what you pay, value is what you get a low priced high value company provides a greater potential return with less risks.

In addition to the company valuation the application also looks at dividend paying companies which have paid increasing dividends over the years. One of my investing objectives is to build a revenue stream.

Here is a high level summary of the functionality within the application:

  • Dividend champion screener
  • Google screener
  • Financial data download
  • Financial analysis using:
    • Dupont analysis
    • Various ratios – Altmann z, ncav ..
    • Dividen discount model
    • Accounting red flag analysis
    • Price Earnings modelling
    • Peer analysis
    • Checklist

The first version of the application, limited to dividend champions, has been completed. This version, was limited by the data it used. The data was sourced from the Morningstar website and the free version only includues 5 years of annual data and 1 year of quarterly data. Also the data is not as detailed as the data originally filed by the companies.

I have as such decided to redo the data capture aspect of the application using the origīnal data supplied by the companies to the SEC. This data is in the form of xml and is called XBRL.

The current development schedule can be found here.