This is a plan without schedule. It outlines all the currently identified development tasks for the Web Application version of the analysis software using XBRL data as a source.

Group Item Description Status
XBRL Download some XBRL files from the SEC. Done
Implement parser Implement parser to parse the relevant files and convert them into useable java object format Done
Merge facts Merge multiple compatible xbrl data in order to create history Done
Implement download of all xbrl data back to 2005 Download all the xbrl zip files specified in the xbrl.idx files. Done
Implement data import Implement a series of tools which will parse the XBRL files and store them in the database. Done
Implement on demand SEC download Implement company selection and SEC file download. Not yet started
Screener Create a view for the screener. Allow screens to be defined using ratio definitions. In progress
Define ratios Define ratios and calculate the ratio values for the imported data. In progress
Analysis Company selection User can select either from a search field or from the screener Not yet started
Download data Check to see what data has already been downloaded from the SEC and download any missing data Not yet started
Dividend history analysis Not yet started
Dupont analysis Not yet started
Peer analysis Not yet started
Price analysis Not yet started
Checklists Not yet started