I have worked at the European Parliament since 2007 and have worked almost exclusively leading a team of developers, designing and developing software for the Logistics Division.

The software we develop handles the building floor plans for the whole of the European Parliament.

To give an idea of the scope of the of the floor plans we provide access to, there are 59,388 rooms on 440 floors in 69 buildings. This represents a total floor space of about 1.3 million square metres.

Our main users are:

  • Architects
  • Key managers
  • Office managers
  • Fire Service
  • Security service
  • Buildings maintenance

Our software allows the users to:

  • maintain the floor plans
  • assign the office space to different divisions and political groups
  • assign people (occupants) to offices
  • allocate keys to occupants
  • view the plans using a number of different thematic overlays
  • simulate office moves