In July 2014 I started investing in the stock market. This all started when one day my son Sam asked me about buying and selling shares and would I help him with his thought process and analysis. So we sat down together and looked at what an intelligent investor does and how. Reading about Warren Buffett, Ben Graham and even John Keynes we came across Dividend investment.

The idea with dividend investment is to buy shares in companies that pay dividends. The idea being that by buying shares when the price is cheap not only do you generate a passive income but you attempt to have a margin of safety and the share price will only go up or at least not very far down !

In looking at dividend investing we came across the US Dividend Champions lists maintained by Dave Fish. The lists consist of 3 sub lists:

  • Champions – companies that have increased their dividend payout for at least 25 years
  • Contenders – companies that have increased their dividend payout for 10 – 24 years
  • Challengers – companies that have increased their dividend payout for 5 – 9 years

There are others also for Canada, the UK and even continental Europe.

So the objective is to build an additional revenue stream from dividend income. I search for Dividend Champion companies and wait for their stock price to be attractive and then become a part owner in the company!

In this section you will find details of my Investment Strategy which I am implementing and a check list to help make the investment process more objective. There is also a disclaimer which explaines that I am not an investment advisor and so follow my investments at your own peril!

I also have a section which contains some of the analysis that I have performed on the different companies. During my ongoing apprenticeship there are many books which I have read and or plan to read. There is also a section which contains the list of books which I have read and any comments I may have had about the book.

I have also added a page which I will be adding to as time goes on, which lists the information sites and investment bloggers whom I follow.