I have been working lately on the key financial statements. As usual the lack of rigour in the SEC xbrl files does not help. To identify the key financial statements I have had to use a mixture of pattern matching and pattern exclusion. I have now identified a single balance sheet for about 11,800 or the 12,000 or so filings for the S&P 500 companies.

For the balance sheet alone I have the following possibilities:

  •         BalanceSheet
  •         BalanceSheets
  •         Balance-Sheets
  •         BalenceSheets
  •         StatementOfFinancialPosition
  •         ConsolidatedFinancialPosition
  •         StatementsOfFinancialPosition
  •         StatementsOfFinancialCondition
  •         ConsolidatedStatementOfCondition

I mean what plonker employs someone in an S&P 500 company who is responsible for financial returns who misspels Balance – Balence !!


Anyway here is a first screen shot of the statements displayed in a tree view:

Statement selection and display