It is a while since I have blogged about project management things (3 years!). So I plan to start again and here is a first post.

At work we have a new head of service and I recently came into a difference of opinion with a colleague about the information that we should report to this new head of service. My working style has always been to be transparent with other people (cooperation) and expect them to be the same with me (reciprocity).

I continue to manage my project by planning out the work which is known in advance and leave flexibility for unforseen requests for support or bug fixing. All known tasks are registered using Jira and affected to a version of the different applications depending upon their priority. When an unforseen task pops up we do the same thing – create a Jira entry and assign it to a version.

My monthly reporting simply states what we have done planned and unplanned and projects forward a month of what we have planned. All this is supported by lists of the Jira issues and the different version of the different applications that have been or will be deployed in the 2 month period.

Some of my colleagues do not see things this way. Fortunately for me the head of service (the client) does. I have zero adaptation whereas my colleagues have a total mindset to change.