I have finished, for the moment, parsing xbrl files. I can now read the files in structure the data and display it using the presentation definition. The following is a list of the different files, their purpose and whether or not I have implemented parsing them yet.

  • Fact file. This contains the contexts (periods) and the individual statement line items. This is essential and has been implemented.
  • Calc file. This defines the facts which are added to make summary facts. Again essential and has been implemented.
  • Presentation file. This determines how the facts are presented. It appears to be much the same as the calc file but with the presentation order included. Again essential and has been implemented.



As the application is being re-developed as  a web application I am also in parallel creating views using the Vaadin 7 framework. Here is a screenshot of the Tree Table .

I need to tidy up the code as it is a bit prototype (fudged). I will next work on:

  • Prompt for the company.
  • Go through the index files looking for 10k and 10q references.
  • Download from the sec the missing xbrl filesets.
  • Parse the files and merge them.
  • Display the results in tree tables.

Once that is done the sec xbrl work will essentially be done.


XBRL parsing and merging